Where did all this Snow come from?

First off let me just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY!!!


Snow, SNOW, I know I shouldn’t be surprised about the snow. It is February and technically still winter. I guess it’s the fact that it was 60 degrees yesterday, and then all of a sudden I wake up to almost 6 inches of snow. It baffles me. It caught poor Jeremy off guard too, he was 15 min late to work.

I called my cell phone provider again last night. It’s become a thing with me, I call every month and tell them one of the main features (picture messages) on my phone isn’t working. They ‘trouble shoot’ with me and finally throw a bunch of extra minutes in our account and tell me it should start working in a day or so, if not call back. I finally told the girl last night that I’m sure she can see my account and I’m sick of trouble shooting, unless she has some magical test that I haven’t tried before. I was calm, not rude, but it was obvious I was fed up. I let her know I thought I’d been more than patient, and that for such an expensive phone I expected more. I requested to be downgraded, to the phone I had before (that Jeremy still uses) .

Now I know many that don’t even use picture messaging, and I don’t have a camera on this phone but I still love to get the messages from my siblings of their kids. It’s just a kick in the butt when I get the message but then a big red X where the photo should be. Well the phone girl then tried to up-sell me into the new blackberry pearl since they could not downgrade me. She said she could give it to me for $300, $50 off. I laughed. I couldn’t help it. I was almost insulted. I think it was at that point she finally got it. By the time we ended the call I had gotten:  No Contract adjustment, A upgraded Sim Card (apparently you should keep those up to date, mine was 5 years old), Free express shipping, the Pearl for a fraction of the cost, and we get to keep the old phone. Jeremy will start using the old one, and she said the picture messaging is actually being worked on so soon it’ll actually work.


I’m happy, and I guess that’s all that matters, but good grief it took me almost 4 months to get any resolution.

Peace, Love and New Phones!

2 thoughts on “Where did all this Snow come from?

  1. I love my Pearl…but it’s kind of useless to me because I don’t pay for the internet so I can’t get the picture messages. But I really like to play block breaker :p


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