I didn’t Blog?!?!

Oh my, I missed a day…. and I was on such a roll.

Yesterday ended well, but I really struggled with the day. I am not sure why I’m so emotional but when the dryer broke at my parents house I had like a mini break down. All I could keep thinking is ‘Bobbie, it’s a dryer, relax!’, but then I’d think about all the laundry I needed to get done and start to cry again. I’m sure it didn’t help that I spent 2 days eating junk food. I’ve been eating so healthy and then all of a sudden I started eating anything. 😦 Emotions, blah.


The evening ended well because we all got to go to the temple. It was a very late session so it was hard for poor Jeremy since he’d been up since 5am. We had been having some questions about something and we felt a little clarification last night, so it made the late night all worth it.


Today is the first of three 12 hour work days. It’ll be tough but so worth it when I have off 4 days next week. Jeremy keeps saying he’s got something planned for my Birthday and I’m almost scared. I love surprises but I hate them at the same time. I’m really tired today so let’s hope everything goes quickly.

Peace, Love, and a need for caffeine.

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