I braved the store….

I had the car for a few hours and braved the store to grab Jer a little something for Valentines…. well…. wow. People are nuts, I picked up the first “husband” valentine card I saw, good thing it was ok because there is no way I was going to wade into the crowd of 30 people trying to get to the cards. Me, being the amazing romantic I am, got Jer foodsaver containers for his lunches. I know, you are all saying ‘awwww’ right now.

We went to a late lunch and braved a movie, and I decided this: Anytime I get to be alone with my husband it’s special. We often hold hands, we like to be next to each other and watch TV or walk the dogs, we enjoy each other… not just once a year. While watching others at the movies I wondered how many of these couples try to cram a year of ‘I love you’ into one day. I’ve learned it’s nice to spread it out. While I loved today (and the cute bear Jer made me), I have had more romantic days with my sweetheart. And he’s always my sweetheart, not just on this day.


Daisy had a great Valentines day however, first day we’ve had to leave her and Max (we keep them in the bathroom now when we go) that she hasn’t had an accident. Big moment for us.

Peace, Love, and Valentines.


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