‘A Long, Long Time Ago…

…I can still remember how that music used to make me smile….’

I have the song “American Pie” stuck in my head.  No idea why!

I’ve been working since 9am this morning, I’m done at 10pm.  I thought the day would drag, and to be honest the first hour or two did, but now it’s FLYING!  I hope the trend continues through the night.  I think it helps that I’ve distracted myself by reading a good book while I’ve been on hold and whatnot today.  It’s actually been really busy.

Jeremy was watching TV last night.  He told me I had to “Come see this!”, he was watching ‘Family Guy’.  I’m not a fan of the show, I often find it too crude for my taste.  It blows my mind that he enjoys it actually, but anyway…  He was watching this part (forgive the cursing in the first second, but do keep watching!):

I literally teared up.  I mean I was crying!  Gene Kelly, I had a crush on him when all my friends liked Kirk Cameron.  😉  It was perfect, just like in ‘Anchors Away’.  I’m a sucker for old musicals, and that’s one of my favorites!  I just had to share.

Peace, Love, and Gene Kelly!


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