Jeremy actually thought of it.  We took some moist puppy chow and stuck Daisy’s pill in the middle of it.  Sure enough she was so excited about the new, yummy food that she ate the pill without a thought.

No more prying her jaws open and shoving it down her throat!  Hip Hip Hooray!

Peace, Love, and Puppy Chow.



3 thoughts on “I FOUND THE TRICK

  1. LOL!!! i love the picture of the puppy.. it makes me want one REALLY bad… wait, what am I saying? I have Katy… and braxton… Katy will do things to keep me entertained and braxton is just a hoot! he is even cuter than that puppy pic.!!
    I can understand trying to get a pill down a puppies throat, they think its the plague! have fun keeping the pill in the pile of food.


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