Diggin Daisy

Today it is so nice I decided to open the sliding glass door to our patio about 5 inches. It’s just enough that the dogs can get in and out. They are dogs, they love it outside! I started to hear something hitting the door from the outside. When I looked over my shoulder out the window all I see is dirt flying everywhere, and Daisy’s little white tush up in the air. She was digging in a basket that was once home to some Ivy that had died. I was going to use the soil for some gardening this spring. I was laughing so hard. The entire patio is now full of dirt, and a few socks she took out there without me catching her. Every once in a while she will run in wagging her tail, scratch at my leg and then run back out. It’s like a little kid saying “Mommy, watch.” She’s so funny. I had read about Jack Russell’s digging, it’s really what they were designed for.  Here is a pic and a video.  They aren’t of her, but it’s about what it looked like.



6 thoughts on “Diggin Daisy

  1. Do you remember Comet? Well, he was a JRT too! They are smart dogs. Yep, he dug up our carpet in our apartment in OR, dug up my in laws back yard, and started to dig up Grandpa’s garden. (We caught him before Grandpa could realized it.) Uh, thankfully…he was given to a family who had more time than Eric and I did. 😉

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