dreams and long days

It’s going to be a long day.  I started working at 9am and I’m off at 10pm.  The things we do for friends.  I won’t complain, the friend I’m working for is the one who’s working for me on my anniversary.  I just can’t believe how tired I am this morning.  I didn’t have too much trouble getting to sleep last night, but boy did that last hour of work drag on for an eternity.  I’m sure tonight will be no better, but so far so good.

Football day is over.  YEAH!  The joys of slow calls yesterday only lasted an hour or so.  Jeremy headed to his brother’s house at half time, only to find out they were just starting to watch the game from the beginning.  Poor kid.

I woke up after having the strangest, most realistic, dream.  It involved my entire family, Jeremy, my ex husband and his family and his new wife.  I’ve never even met her.  I have no idea what she looks like, yet she was a major part of this dream/nightmare.  I’ll tell you what, it’s not what you want to wake up to in the morning and have on your mind.  😦


Peace, Love, and Happy Thoughts.


2 thoughts on “dreams and long days

  1. Dreams are intense, no? They affect one’s day, entirely! I think a lot of their substance involves processing of life’s events…our minds are funny things, and sometimes events of the past, even when they’re said and done, take some time to work out of our brain. Hope yours processes through it without much effort or conscious trouble and that you have a good day notwithstanding.

    And I’m glad you’re reading my blog. It’s nice to have a friendly audience for my ramblings. Ü

    Camping weather is looming–the groundhog saw NO SHADOW!!! Woot!!!

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