Football, Ick


I wish I liked football.  I really do, but I don’t.  Never have.  I have tried many times over the years to get into it, and sometimes I enjoy a good football movie, or sometimes a college game, but the NFL bugs me.  I think it’s the money that get’s thrown around.  I am not sure why, it’s just not in me to like it.  Kailye LOVES football.  It’s funny to hear her talk about it.  you have to remind yourself she’s only 3 years old.


 Today however I have found a new reason to like football.  I knew EXACTLY when the Superbowl started because all of a sudden no one was calling in.  The only calls I’m getting now are people that are already traveling.  Hopefully the game goes into quadruple overtime and I can relax my entire shift.  I think I might even be able to get some reading of the Ensign done while I sitting here today.

It’s a good day to start my new late shift.  I’m not sure I’ll be really excited come 10pm, but it’s ok for now.

Peace, Love and Superbowl Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Football, Ick

  1. Glad there were SOME pluses to the super bowl. I really only like college ball, and only sometimes then too. I am a *social* football fan. If it’s not a party and/or date I don’t much care.

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