Clean Carpets, Clean Heart

Last night I finally cleaned the carpets. It took a while but I feel so much better. There’s just a great feeling that wells up in your heart when you are pouring dirty water down the sink. The knowledge that all that dirt is no longer in your carpets is wonderful. I know I’m weird, but honestly today has been so much better than the past few, and I know it’s because I cleaned the carpets. I just feel better when things are clean.


Two other reasons I’m in such a dandy mood:

First is that Jeremy might be able to come to Guatemala with us. I had the days wrong on my vacation and just found out. SO he might be able to come and then just fly home a few days early for his test.


Second is that I have a friend I work with that asked me if I could work for her on Monday. She is part-time so it would be 4 hours of her shift then my normal 8 hours. I told her yes and in part she offered to work for me on my Anniversary (I found out I have to work it since I had my days off mixed up). Well we got to talking (ok, e-mailing) and she is willing to help me out with Sundays! YEA! Some days she said she’ll work part of my shift so I can go, and I’ll work her Monday. And other days she will work my whole shift and I’ll cover two days for her during the week. I am so excited. I think I’ll be able to find a ride to my own ward or maybe go with a friend to theirs. I AM SO EXCITED. The Lord answers prayers people, he truly does.


Peace, Love, and Clean hearts!


4 thoughts on “Clean Carpets, Clean Heart

  1. Glad to hear you will get to go to church! We have been getting up early the past couple of Sundays to go to another ward due to Connor & Eric’s schedules. It really DOES make a difference in our home. 🙂

  2. Awesome Bobs. 🙂 And you’re not weird about the dirt-down-the-drain thing. It’s cleansing. Maybe *I’m* weird because I find gospel parallels in such simple things, but, yeah. Cleansing.

    Glad you read my blog. I’m back to writing. Cleansing as well.

    Blessings and much love.

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