Woke up with a Headache

I don’t get headaches very often, but when I do, WOW. I woke up this morning with a pounding head. On top of that my throat started to ‘tickle’ (in a painful way) and I’m worried I might be getting sick. I took some Airborne, hopefully it’ll work like it did last time I was getting sick. I don’t have any time I can take off work so now is not a good time to get ill.


I’ve become the naggy wife, I hate it but I have. Recently it’s gotten bad. I need to remember I have a wonderful husband and he’s super-busy so sometimes he forgets things but last night I freaked out. For a few weeks now I’ve been asking Jer to stop by the movie theater and see if my Keys got turned in there. I don’t have a car and it’s too far for me to walk. Yesterday morning I asked him one more time and he said OK. I was in the shower when he came in, and to be honest I wasn’t in a great mood. (why is it so hard to keep a small apartment clean, and why do I get so mad when it isn’t!) ANYWAY, he comes in laughing a little and says “You’ll never guess what I just did.” I worried he’d gotten into a car accident or something. No he locked his key in the car. I asked if they movie theater had the keys and he said he didn’t go check. I was so mad. He called the theater, they had the keys. Then he asked Anthony next door (THANKS ANTHONY) if he could get a ride down there to get them. All ended up well but of course in my head all I could think was, imagine if you’d gotten the keys WEEKS ago, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Now I feel bad for being so upset and naggy.


I’ve just decided I must be coming down with something, it’s the only way to explain the mean Bobbie that is lashing out at her husband and her doggies.

Daisy and the pills….. she’s getting even smarter. If she hears the pill bottle rattle she runs. Once we get her she locks her jaw so we can’t get them open. I even tried lathering one in peanut butter and one in sugar today. One I got her to take finally but the second I had to do the whole stick it in the back of her throat and hold her mouth closed trick. She then used her tongue to maneuver it back out and then spit it at me, and yes I think she aimed for my forehead. We’ve tried treats, praising, playing, and gagging. I’m not sure this will ever be easy.

Peace, Love, and waiting for painkiller to kick in.


3 thoughts on “Woke up with a Headache

  1. Oh, I am sorry you aren’t feeling very well. I do the same thing when I am not feeling the best. The boys call it DUCK & COVER Mom. If I were closer I’d teach the tricks we learned in dental school to keep mouhts open. However, I have not had to use them regularly.

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