Daisy has a bad Mommy


I finally took Daisy to the Vet yesterday. Her cough was getting worse and I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Kailye was so excited to get to take a “field trip” to the Veterinarian. I packed up my sisters car with both dogs and my niece. Kailye was a hoot at the vet. She couldn’t believe they had so many pictures of cute dogs on the wall.

Dr. Lamb had a look at little Daisy, commented on what a pretty dog she is then started the exam. Kailye was really worried when they went to check Daisy’s temperature, she told me “Bobbie, OH NO, they are putting that thing in the wrong end.” The Dr was laughing so hard. Come to find out poor little Daisy has Infectious Bronchitis. We got some medication for her, and we are lucky she didn’t get Max sick too.

Giving her the medication is a pain. Usually you can just hide the pills in food and dogs will gobble them up without thinking. Daisy is much too smart for that. She eats the food and spits the pills back out.  I have to open her mouth, stick the pill as far to the back of her throat as possible and then hold her mouth closed till I feel her gulp and swallow. This morning she wouldn’t come near me for about 20 min after I had to give her the pills. She’ll thank me later I’m sure.

We no longer have Kailye, it was sure fun to watch her this time. She’s is such a big girl. I got home last night and we’d forgotten about some banana’s we had in the fridge, so I made banana bread! only problem is I don’t have a loaf pan so I have to improvise.


Peace, Love, and Baked Goods!

6 thoughts on “Daisy has a bad Mommy

  1. All you have to do is convince them that it’s a treat. We do that with our dogs and they literally *beg* for their pills. Of course, beagles are also one of the most food-motivated breeds around. That can’t hurt.

  2. Ya, I tried that. 😉 Max was really eager to eat it for her, but she would get it in her mouth (with or without food) and then spit it back out. Cheeky little dog.

  3. Bobbie: “Let me have the phone!”
    Kailye: “I CAN’T!”
    Bobbie: “Please, can you give me the phone.”
    Kailye: “I CAN’T! So, you like Cinderella too?”

  4. At least you didn’t scream at your dog and nearly kill her for peeing all over the place only to learn that she had a UTI. So there you go. Any time you worry about being a bad doggie mommy, just think to yourself, “At least I’m better than Shauna.”

    You’re welcome.

  5. I am convinced that smart dogs are harder to deal with than dumb ones. My dog Cassie would even eat individual TREATS and spit out the pill in the middle. And how can you be mad at them for being smart? They don’t know that yucky thing will help them feel better. Maybe you just need to give her the treat and lay on the praise thick AFTER meds for being such a good girl for taking it…. so she won’t HATE you. Poor thing.

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