Pancakes and Rockets

I have Kailye right now while her parents are out of town.  Trish left a bit of money for food so I decided to treat my niece to dinner out, just her and I.  When I asked what she wanted she yelled Pancakes.  So pancakes it was.  I couldn’t stop laughing when the food came out and Kailye ate her sausage before the server even left the table, then looked at mine with big eyes.  I gave it to her (i’m not a big fan of sausage).  After eating 4 links of sausage and 1 pancake she looked at my french toast and said “hey, are you going to eat ALL of those?”.

“Probably not Kailye.” I replied.

“I’d like to try one then please.” She said.  I cut one whole one up and set it on her plate, it was gone in 2 minutes.  Then when I wasn’t looking she took the ENTIRE ball of butter they put on top of her pancakes and stuffed it in her mouth.  Figuring she didn’t realize it was butter I told her she could spit it out, to which I got a quizzical look and the comment “why?”.  She then gulped and swallowed.  I need to remind you that this is the thinnest little 3 (almost 4) year old you will ever meet.   I counted it all up, here’s what she ate before we rolled out of there:

2 Small Pancakes, 1 Large piece of french toast, 1 scrambled egg, 4 Sausage links, 2 pieces of bacon, 1 glass chocolate milk, and one gross ball of butter.

I didn’t even eat as much as she did.  I am still in shock.  Her parents are never going to let me watch her again, but I couldn’t help it.  It was so funny.  She never even said she was full.


After dinner we went to the Nickle Arcade.  She loved this stupid rocket ride, and any game that would shoot out tickets.  It wasn’t till the end that she realized she was getting “surprises” for the tickets.  The man kept trying to correct her and say they were just “prizes”.  I don’t think he has kids, who try’s to correct a 3 year old that thinks it’s a surprise.


 I’m so tired, so very tired, but we had a great time.  She even got her mom a “surprise” with all her tickets, one of those fans that breaks way too easily.  I remember loving them when I was a kid too.


Peace, Love, and Surprises


5 thoughts on “Pancakes and Rockets

  1. I know she can run a faster mile then me, but that is crazy what she ate. Plus I ate butter too, when I was her age. Your mom had to tell me to stop. I still remember in the suncrest apt.

  2. How funny! I wish I could bottle her energy and save for the times I need it most! Breakfast for dinner is always fun…nickle arcade-cool…I am sending Connor and Tyler out for fun with Bobbie! 😉

  3. OK, I was laughing out loud at the part where she ate the ball of butter. Ah, the moments I’ll have to look in on when I’m omniscient.

  4. When my little sister was, well, little, she used to take spoonfuls of margarine out of the tubs and EAT THEM PLAIN! Like they were chocolate frosting! (okay, so yeah, *I* did that with chocolate frosting) Even as a little kid that made me gag to watch.

    So, WHY is it that SHE ended up a little dancer girl and *I* ended up a girthy girl?! UNFAIR!

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