Bobbie Girl in a Bobbie World

It’s humerus for me to see what people type into search engines and get to my blog with.  Wordpress has a feature on their stat’s page that gives you the titles people searched for.  Some are sad and pathetic: Mom sex movie= my blog about The Holiday, where I talked about the movie and how mom and I went.   Some are funny: Bobbie Girl in a Bobbie World.  I always wonder exactly what people are looking for when they type this stuff in.  We have also had some about freezing dogs in kennels, lambs freezing in January (don’t ask me), and at least once daily I get one about ‘looking for corny in my life’.

Thanks for making me smile people.


I also have a shout out to the Yoplait Yogurt People.  MIX UP THE BOXES!!  I’ve been eating strawberry yogurt for a week and a half waiting to get to the peach that they said was also in the box that we purchased at a bulk food store.  I finally got one today.  I felt like I’d won a prize.  How hard would it be to mix up the box?

Peace, love and peaches.

3 thoughts on “Bobbie Girl in a Bobbie World

  1. What I don’t get is why they can’t make other fridge packs anyway! I am sick of Strawberry PERIOD! I want Peach and another FLAVOR in a box. Why can’t they have more than one box type?

  2. Seeing the search terms used to find our website it a hoot. “Nudity” is current number 4. “Jelly” and “peanut” are tied for the top word with “butter” and “turkey” not far behind. And there’s a lot of people trying to figure out why cocker and springer spaniels pee so much…

  3. HAHA now the peaches are whats left. Will would have been so on top of that problem. He is the king of schedualed eating. We bought a box of Whatchamacallits for him to eat at work. He eats one every other day and then he eats 1/3 of it in the morning at 10:30 and then finishes it off at 3. What a weird guy.

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