A while back I blogged about how I was having back problems because of the way I have my work station set up.  My cousin Kristin suggested we get an exercise ball and try sitting on that for a few hours out of the day while I’m working.  We went and got one a few weeks ago but I never had it blown up correctly till today, and what a fun day it’s been.  I find myself constantly bouncing on it while I’m on the phone.  I can’t help it.  It’s so bouncy!  I LOVE IT.  My only thing is I wish it were a little larger.  I am also enjoying balancing on it with my feet off the ground.  I’m sure one of these times I’m gonna fall over and hurt myself, but I can’t help it.  Maybe I can teach Max to say please while balancing on it.  It’s my own little circus!


 Max sometimes likes to sit on our laps while we are at the computer.  Daisy has learned this trick and it has become a favorite thing for her.  Max will just lay-down and sleep, Daisy likes to sit up and watch the screen.  This afternoon she kept looking all over the screen and I couldn’t figure out what she was looking at.  It was the cursor on the mouse.  Now it’s a game for us.  We sit her on our laps and watch her little head turn and look while we move the cursor all over the screen.  I never knew dog’s could pick up on things like that.  It’s really funny to watch. (and no, the picture isn’t of her but it could be.  😉 )


Peace, Love and Bouncing!




3 thoughts on “Balls-O-Fun

  1. OOOH… I like your Blog design!!!

    My new Neurologist has one of those balls at her own computer… makes me think it’s a good idea. I may have to get one, too. Definitely keep us updated!

  2. If I had my way (and I never do) these would be what kids sit on in school. It keeps the blood moving to the brain so they can learn better. yes, yes, I know they’ll go crazy with them, but let’s see you come up with something better….
    Long story short-I think you are wise.

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