Grumpy and Sentimental?!


Is that combination really possible? I mean I know a lot of people that get Sad when they are sentimental but today I’m horribly grumpy one second, and then overrun with sentiment the next. GO FIGURE.


Daisy is a twerp. She’s is settled in now and starting to show her true colors. She’s very sneaky. I have to admit I love all her personality but she can be a little nuts. Today it’s been chewing. We have a million dog toys between the two of them but today she must be bored because in the past 30 min. I have stopped her from chewing on the following items: A power cord, the phone book, a yogurt lid, Max’s leash, Max’s Collar, Max’s Ears, a fed ex bag, the new floor mat, a DVD case, a remote controll, and my jacket! I think the issue is that her puppy teeth should be falling out in the next week or so and she’s trying to help them along. Poor Max. She is also finding her voice, and for such a little thing she has a deep bark.

I woke up grumpy. We couldn’t fit the carpet cleaner in the car when we left mom and dad’s today and my carpets are horrible. So I was more upset than I should have been and that hasn’t helped my mood. Another thing that I’m grumpy about is that Jeremy can’t come to Guatemala. The trip we’ve been planning for months, and months. He found out that he has a mid term the week we are going, and he’s asked the teacher if he can reschedule the test and the teacher says no. I’m upset because I can’t switch around my vacation week this soon to the actual trip. So mom, dad, Bryan and I will be going. I’m really upset about it because it’s the week of our anniversary. So now my goal is to make it back before the big day. I feel so bad for Jer. He’s torn up about it.


I’m sure your wondering where the Sentimental part comes in to play today? Well my cousin blogged about a quilt she’s working on and it made me think about a quilt I had in High School. My great grandmother had made it, but never finished it. When she passed away it was given to my mom, and she finished it for me. I loved that quilt. I am a big fan of quilts, blankets of love. So it got me thinking about my memories of my great grandmother. She had spunk, I loved her. She lived on Foothill Dr. here in SLC and every time I pass her house I point it out to Jeremy. I loved that house and have many memories of it. My mom used to drive up to do laundry once a week, so we got to know grandma.

  • I remember stale marshmellows. I thoght they were supposed to be hard.
  • Sliding down the stairs, they were so steep. Probably why my tush is so big now, it’s still bruised!
  • Playing with the planter thingies in the back yard. It’s still there by the way.
  • Hiking up to the H on the hill with my brother. Mom you were crazy to let us do that alone, but thanks!
  • The retro kitchen, the little shelves that separated the hallway, kitchen and living room.
  • The typewriter downstairs.
  • All the “cool old stuff” in the basement.
  • The player piano.
  • Being sick with the flu once and having my dad and brother go get me a submarine transformer.
  • The day someone did a drive by shooting and they could never find the bullet in the thick shag carpet in the dining room. We looked for hours.


I have a lot more memories but I need to go get my attack dogs and take them for a walk.

Peace, love, and Sentimental Journeys.



4 thoughts on “Grumpy and Sentimental?!

  1. Yes, it’s possible to be both sentimental and grumpy. I know I am a ball of conflicting emotions a lot of the time! Thank you for sharing your memories –I love the stale marshmallows one! My grandmother always had two things to eat in her house that she’d give us kids: Ritz Crackers and Wise Potato Chips! LOL They weren’t stale, though. She did have some odd cooking habits. Once she told my mother she used kielbasa grease to make a pie crust. Mom nearly choked.

  2. I just wanted to say that I was trying the other day to explain why I don’t like marshmallows to my mother. She was skeptical that I had gotten into stale ones at great grandma’s house. Thanks for confirming I not crazy!

  3. I love stale marshmellows, it’s the only way to go. In fact I have a bag sitting in the cuboard waiting to go stale. Yummy.

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