Max the Fluffball

He’s back and fluffier than ever! Here are some pictures of him from last night, and then right now. He is SO soft after he’s been groomed. You wouldn’t believe it. I think I’m going to start shaving him down like a sheep and making Bichon Frise Fur Sweaters. Watch out cashmere, you can’t top this.

I also find it funny that Max looks like such a feminine dog and Daisy looks so masculine. Guess that’s why we got him the spike studded collar and her the one with gems in it. His however gets lost in his fur so you can’t see it anyway! Our neighbor says that dogs don’t look a gender. My question to him is this then: Why is it EVERY time (and I am serious, it’s every single time) anyone stops to ask us about the dogs they ask how old ‘she’ is or what kind of a dog is ‘she’ when they are referring to Max. Since we’ve gotten Daisy everyone asks what ‘his’ name is. Funny world.

Peace, Love and Fluffy White Balls of Fun.

before.JPG before2.JPG beforeside.JPG beforeside2.JPG after.JPG after2.JPG what.JPG kisses.JPG friends.JPG



4 thoughts on “Max the Fluffball

  1. Let’s face it, Max looks like she, opps he should be a girl. And Daisy looks like he’d/ she’d be a boy. I guess there’s a bit of cross dressing/furring in the dog world too! hahahaha

  2. Some people totally DO that, by the way.

    When *I* meet a dog, though, I ASK the owner. Because I am annoyed by people who call them ITS and I am not going to assume. (although the idiots that go to the groomer and put BOWS on BOY DOG’S EARS deserve assumptions. Also, to be mocked. Poor transgendered poochies. THEY didn’t ask for the style!)

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