Food, Friends, Dogs and Ramblings

Dogs: Daisy is currently curled up on my lap, she is unsure what to do with herself since Max is at the Groomer. It is funny to have her alone for so long, she is a totally different doggy. Max makes her a better behaved pooch, but it’s fun to have the one on one time. She is following me everywhere. I can’t wait to pick up max this afternoon. He hasn’t been groomed since September. 😮 That is a long time, so I am expecting an amazing transformation. I will post pictures tomorrow.


Food and Friends: I am going to lunch with some friends for someone’s birthday. They are the girls I worked with at PDC for two years before I got ‘downsized’. I am excited because it’s always fun to see them, but at the same time I have felt like a heifer recently and the thought of hanging out with people scares me. I am always wondering if they are thinking “wow she’s really let herself go.” Sad thing is Jeremy and I are eating healthier than I ever have before, yet I don’t move a lot since I work at home. Having the dogs helps because I walk them a lot. Don’t you just hate insecurities. I mean I have NEVER been a ‘small’ girl, it’s just not me. I am not sure why it’s been bugging me recently. I think it’s because in the past year or so the fat seems to be migrating to my face the older I get. Ok, I am going to stop because it’s depressing.


Ramblings: Laundry is almost done. It’ll be nice to have clean clothes, and sheets, and towels, and EVERYTHING. I am also borrowing mom and dad’s carpet cleaner because our carpets are bad. After all the snow we had, and all the rock salt they put down to melt the ice the carpets are looking horrible. And our carpets were looking pretty bad to start off with.


Peace, love, and insecurities.


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