He got loose!

When we come to my parents home, we just hook the dog(s) up outside to a chain when they have to go to the bathroom, then 10 min later or so we let them back in. Max broke free this morning. Jeremy searched for him for about 45 min. Over an hour later guess who was sitting at the back door, covered in burrs and dirt. I tried to get him into the groomer today but they couldn’t take him till tomorrow. (I called every groomer in Utah county!) So now I have to live with his dirtiness. He smells awful. Last time I had to cut burrs out of his fur he looked horrible for months, so this time I pulled them out the best I could and now I’ll let the groomer do the rest. I’m sure we’ll pay a pretty penny for this grooming appointment. These mountains are just not the place for a fluffy white dog with too much fur! Daisy was so confused while he was gone, she wanted to play and her friend wasn’t around. Now they are romping around.

Laundry is going well for those of you that were wondering. Daisy keeps trying to make off with the socks while I try to fold them. It’s hard to be mad when she is so cute! Dad couldn’t leave her alone last night and Max was freaking out over it. Every time my dad would pick up Daisy, Max would jump into my mom’s lap (she’s not a huge dog fan) and try to get her to pay attention to him. We think he was trying to make dad jealous. We kept laughing.

Peace, Love and Clean Dogs.


Here are some pictures from today and last night. I love the one with Daisy just laying there and Max running in to play with her, he just looks like a white blur. 😛 Silly Dog’s. They have so much fun.


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