The Laundry Mountain and Police

It’s all sorted, now we just have to do it all. Jeremy is going to drop me off at mom and dad’s house tomorrow and I will be spending my 2 days off doing laundry there. LUCKY ME! I just can’t wait to have clean laundry.


When I went to walk Max and Daisy tonight during my last break I went outside and saw a cop walking towards me, then I heard sirens and saw 2 more police vehicles pull up. I guess the cop decided he didn’t want to talk to me and my attack dogs (ha ha) but apparently they were interested in someone in the building next to us. Wonder if this has anything to do with the piles of clothes all over the stair well, and lawn earlier today? I live in the BEST area of town people, don’t you forget it, I know we don’t.

Peace, Love, and Clean Sheets!



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