New Schedule for Work

I got my new work schedule. It becomes effective on the 4th of February. I was really hoping (but not optimistic) I would get a Sunday off. My second choice would have been morning shift, so of course I got a crappier shift than I had before! I work from 1:30pm-10pm with Wed-Thur off. 😦 There is light at the end of the tunnel however. I have Valentines Day as well as my Birthday off. 😀

On a happier note. Daisy is doing well. As I type this she is asleep on the cuddle bag next to Jeremy. Max loves to play with her but I think sometimes when he’s done playing he wishes I’d put her away. He is getting used to it, but we sometimes have little jealous moments when he HAS to be on one of our laps. We couldn’t be happier with her, and are so happy with the addition to our small family.

Peace, Love, and late nights.


2 thoughts on “New Schedule for Work

  1. Talk to your bishop and ask him if there is an earilier time you can go. I am sure he will be pretty understanding, or just find a ward that goes earlier. I am going to talk to Mickie and find out when she goes to school… Killer bunnies here we come.

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