Daisy’s First Night

Daisy did really well last night. I was going to attempt to have her sleep in the kennel for the night since I didn’t know if she would have any accidents. But, you guessed it, she was up on the bed. She is funny and thinks if she’s not right up against you and she needs to get closer. I woke up at one point with her nose RIGHT in my face. It’s something we’ll have to work on. The only thing that worried me is that she woke up a few times in the night wheezing or coughing. I think she might have a cold. I called our Vet and he said to just keep an eye on her for a day or so hoping it’ll get better but if not I guess she’ll get to meet Dr. Lamb. (he’s our vet. cute eh?)

I was a little bit nervious because last night Max was VERY bossy to her and all around a grump. But I think he was just letting her know that he is in charge. So I let him know a few times that No, I was in charge. 8) I am the pack leader, and he better not forget it. They spent the morning running around and playing. She finally figured out she can fit under the couch and Max won’t follow her, so she teased him a lot. We are working on the Not barking a lot during play time (since I work on the pones) and Poor Daisy got kenneled once. She was SO UPSET. I left her in there for maybe 2 min, and she wouldn’t let me put her down after for about 10. She did NOT however whine the whole time she was in there. She also stopped barking the next time I told her to. I think she’s REALLY smart and it won’t take long till she’s teaching Max a thing or two. She has also yet to have any accidents in the house. I walk her with Max and this morning she did beautifully. I am going to leave her out while I work today unless they start to make too much noise, then we’ll work out another arangement while she’s training.

Peace, Love and Daisy.

OH and here’s some things Daisy’s little Jack Russell family has done in Hollywood!



2 thoughts on “Daisy’s First Night

  1. We sat a cat once and Will just had to let it sleep with us. The cat ended up on my head a few times during the night. Or the he was pawing at my hair.

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