My passport came this morning, and with the exception of the ugly mug shot of me, it is truly beautiful. I played with it for about 20 min. I was told that Utah didn’t get the new e-passports (see them HERE). Jeremy got his Passport in Houston and the photo was digital but it was not one of the e-passports. WELL GUESS WHAT, mine is! It’s funny how I don’t mind the photo so much when I know my passport is so dang cool. It came with a letter that stated the following:

“Proceed to the special immigration lanes displaying the Electronic Passport logo to be assured of the fastest and most efficient processing.”

My question is this, are these lines going to be faster? And if so, I better take a good book to read since everyone else I’d be going anywhere with has the old passports.

Peace, Love, and World Travel.



3 thoughts on “Passport

  1. yeah, boston was the bomb (can I say that? don’t call the department of homeland security… please).

    and i don’t know if you would have liked the side of boston that we saw.

    oh, and i’m not doing the old pillow talk site anymore, moved on to wordpress. you can now find me at

  2. I am going to get a passport. I just decided. Not that I actually have plans to travel out of the country, but I would like the option. Besides, I just think it is a nifty, grown up (and slightly spy/detectivish…granted theres would be under an assumed name, but still) thing to have.

    Yeah. I want one. Maybe my family will travel to Italy to pick up my little bro after he, well, GOES on his mission there, coming up pretty soon. 2 Years is a good time to plan a European trip.

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