Water Running

We had a notice stuck to our apartment door this morning. It was informing us that because of the below freezing weather we are having we are supposed to run all our water faucets at a slow drizzle to avoid the pipes bursting. I understand but at the same time I can’t imagine wasting this much water! Not to mention that since I work at home all day long I am hearing nothing but the water dripping and running. Ack.

Peace, love, and Water.



6 thoughts on “Water Running

  1. Do it, Bobbie…you’ll hate it worse to have the plumber in the house for a few days to fix the problem…. and then to have no water to wash your….. And to have all that laundry… ANd dishes pile up… AND then to have to see the plumber crack ; ) …it could be too much to handle!!

  2. I KNOW. I am trying to decide that myself. Whether to run it, I mean… like if he keep the house pretty warm? does it REALLY need to be on? Because I feel like our bills are already SO high!

  3. I saw a pic on the news of a yard where the pipes to the sprinkler system broke and froze. It was like a frozen water fall wonderland in their back yard. REALLY COOL! They could have put up colored lights and charged admission. It might help them pay for the new sprinkler system they’ll need this summer. 🙂

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