Work, and more work.

That’s my life till next Tuesday when I finally have a day off.  Working from home is great but I’m not sure the desk area I’m using is set up well.  Since I’ve been working so much recently I’ve started to notice some aches and pains that I believe are due to strain from my desk.  😦  The thought of 8 more days is driving me batty, but I can do it…. I think.   Poor Jeremy comes home to a grump every night.

Funny thing about Max however.  He has really gotten the schedule down recently.  He knows when I take my headset off I’m not working so he will INSTANTLY come over and start bugging me.  He also knows when Jeremy will be home and sits on the back of the sofa waiting for him.  It’s really cute.  I tried to use the web cam to take some pictures.

This evening Jeremy and I both walked Max after I got off work.  It is so very cold recently here.  The other night it hit -6.  I can’t believe how frigid the air is.  When we were about a half a block away from the apartment we took him off his leash and told him to go home.  He runs so fast!   Jeremy and I couldn’t stop laughing so Max just kept running between us and the apartment.  He was panting so hard when we came back inside but I’m sure his little doggy heart loved it.   😛

Peace, Love, and Silly Dogs.



3 thoughts on “Work, and more work.

  1. Thank you Bobbie for your comments. Just read them. Thats a lovely dog you have there, seems quite a bloke:). Hows your sis Katie doing. Hoping to complete my work on that piece soon.

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