I ask you this, why is it so hard to keep this small apartment clean? Jeremy and I are starting to think it’s because we aren’t organized enough. Since we don’t have a lot of space, we should be making better use of what we do have. Last night we tackled the Bathroom and I think it should stay under control. Today while I’m working I’m trying to get the filing/office area taken care of. Ideally I’d like to have the computer area all cleaned up so after my shift everyday I can close it all up and feel like I’m at home and not at work all day.

I had Kailye this morning for a few hours. She is growing so fast! It was fun to have her around. Max loved it, but Kailye is going through this stage where she riles up Max and gets him playful then yells at him. Poor dog was getting very confused. Kailye and I had a talk about how that was not nice. I’m not sure she got it.

Back to work for me now.  😛

Peace, Love, and little Girls


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