Still in the Hospital

Katy is still in the hospital. They won’t let her come home until she can keep some food down. GOOD NEWS is that my mother is on her way down to help with the baby. The original plan was to have mom come down and pick me up this evening, but after I let mom know Katy was back in the hospital last night she decided to leave earlier.

Well I will write more later but baby Braxton needs his diapper changed. LUCKY ME! 😉

Peace, Love, and happy babies.



5 thoughts on “Still in the Hospital

  1. You know, it just must be in the Maxwell blood. I had an amazing sister who came to help me for over a month when I needed her too!! Thanks, Linda!

  2. Ya, we were rased right. I’m just hoping mom can stay over the weekend cus it doesn’t look like Katy will be home today and I have to work starting tomorrow!

  3. I thought it was weird that you never updated us about Katy. My computer was being stupid and i finally refresed the page and wow there you were you have written a ton more. So ignore my other comment that I just left. If i can help in any way I would love to. I have no other obligations this week, or weekend.

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