Back to the Hospital

Well Chad just took Katy back to the Hospital.  I hope they can at least get her something for her pain.  Right now they are running some “labs” and we are just waiting to see what happens with that.  Braxton and I stayed here.  I got to snuggle him, feed him and put him to bed.  His deep, dark, blue eyes just gazing up to me made me cry.  I pray one day the Lord will bless Jeremy and I with such a sweet spirit.

So I’ve gotten the boy to bed, done all the dishes, and cleaned up a little bit.  My first target was the toilet.  I figured if she does keep throwing up that she should be able to do it in a clean throne.  I will keep you all posted.

Peace, Love, and ER’s.



7 thoughts on “Back to the Hospital

  1. Could be worse. You could have spelled Boobie.

    Anyway, as someone in a similar perdicerment I just have to say that having a clean potty to barf in is the nicest thing I have ever heard of!

  2. Don’t worry, Bobbie. She’ll be fine Insha’allah. The pains are surely temporary. Any operation however small is a shock to the whole system. Some doctor prescribed pain kiillers will help in reducing the pain. One day in my diary, I’ll be writing about the operations I went through. GOD! HE brought me back. I was on a ventilator for 11 days, and the doctors had said he’s gone.
    Bobbie be brave, and all your friends are with you in your prayers. you have a strong knit family, and thats what will bring back Katy’s big smile.

    Have noted your choices. And, both will be posted soon. Cheer up!

  3. Hi Bobbie,

    Laurie’s mom here. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. Here you were having such a hard time with what you were dealing with, and you took the time for me.

    How lucky that Katy has an aunt like you. She will always have that memory that you cared for her so much!

    Thank you again for the H. B. wish!


  4. You and J are in our prayers always! I know the Lord will bless you in many ways… You are a great sister to help out when needed…Braxton, Chad and Katy will remember this! 🙂

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