The only one left with a Gallbladder?

After today I will be the only Maxwell girl in my family left with a Galbladder. Mom just called me and apparently Katy (my youngest sister) is being rushed in for surgery first thing this morning. Chad starts School Monday and so Dad is coming to get me and then driving me down there and dropping me off till Wednesday to watch Braxton. I’ll be honest, any kind of surgery scares me, so please keep her in your prayers. If I remember correctly, Trish had her Gallbladder out after she had Kailye, wonder if this could be a tradition. Lets hope not, for my sake.

I’m not sure how much time i’ll have to get on the computer while I’m down there. So you may be blogless from me for a few days.

Peace, Love, and Prayers


My beautiful sister, and her beautiful family.


One thought on “The only one left with a Gallbladder?

  1. How scary. I don’t like anything to do with doctors or dentist. While you are taking care of “baxton” 🙂 don’t forget to take care of Katy!

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