Doing Well

Katy is doing well. Right now she is trying to decide if she is going to stay in the hospital longer or go home. She is in a lot of pain but doing pretty good. The doctor said she had hundreds of stones in her gallbladder. Ouch! The nurse just told her that even if she decides to go home tonight it won’t be till 9pm or so.

I also realized I can use my blackberry to blog. So I’m in the hospital right now with her.

Katy would like to add how much she hates Gallbladders. She is currently looking at the photo’s they took for her.

Peace, love, and hospitals.



4 thoughts on “Doing Well

  1. They are painful. Just read your posts. Hoping she gets better and goes home. Once the stones are out, she’ll once again be smiling away:) And Thank You for putting my link on your blog.

    Putting my thoughts on paper for the new post. For good luck:) suggest from either 1. Engendering the law 2 Questions in muslim philosphy.

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