‘I like corny. I’m looking for corny in my life.’

That is a line from a movie I have now seen 5 times, The Holiday. I haven’t been to the movies a lot sense Jeremy and I moved. And yet I have seen this one 5 times.

1st time: I was alone, it was almost Christmas and my Husband was stuck in Texas. To ignore my life and stop feeling sorry for myself I decided to go to the cinema alone. I laughed, and cried (a lot) and loved it instantly. I was one of maybe 4 people in the theater.

2nd time: Mom and I went to see it. She loved it too. Theater was a bit more crowded but not a lot of people reacted to the jokes.

3rd time: Mom invited me to go with her and Dad. Since Jeremy was STILL stuck in Texas I went again with them. I liked it but wished Jeremy was with me. Still laughed a bit and cried a little. Dad enjoyed it even tho it was a “chick flick”

4th time: Mom, Trish and Kailye kidnapped me on my day off work. (Trish is my sister, Kailye is her daughter-almost 4 yrs old) They took me to lunch, to get my passport (the worst photo ever taken of me, they would agree) and then we went to the movie AGAIN. I liked it but with Kailye it felt pretty long.

5th time: TONIGHT, Mom, Trish, and my sister in law Steph came up and picked me up. Mom offered to pay for it (yet again. I love you mom!). This time it was a packed theater, and it was a blast. People were laughing and reacting so much to the movie. I think it made it my favorite time I’ve seen it. Steph loved it, and can understand why we’ve seen it a lot.

Some reason’s I like this movie:

  • In a day and age where Hollywood thinks they have to pack a lot of sex and smut into movies to make them hits, this one is not that bad. Yes there are scenes that imply sex, but they do not show it AT ALL! Yippee.
  • The cursing is at a minimum. Thank you.
  • And the story lines are fantastic in my own opinion. It reminds me of a lot of the old movies I love to watch. The classic’s, black and whites even. When a story line and good writing were key, not just special effects, the “shock” factor, and sex.

So there’s my little take on this movie. I love it. I smile to myself and laugh out loud when I watch it. Quite frankly in a world where so many thing are bleak, and hatred runs amuck – – it’s nice to just smile for two hours.

Peace, Love, and Corney Lines.



6 thoughts on “‘I like corny. I’m looking for corny in my life.’

  1. Ok, Ok, I’ll drag Harvey Dean to see it next weekend. Thanks for the review. Sounds like one I’d enjoy with my girls.

  2. Ok….hold on, I just watched the trailer….Jack Black? Seriously? This is going to take a bit more thinking about spending my, hummmm, Harvey’s hard earned $$ on this one. You saw it five times, really?

  3. Ya I did see it five times (so far). Mom’s seen it three now and LOVES it. I’ll be honest my biggest hang up’s were Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, not my favorite actors- but I loved this movie.

  4. Okay, I am SO glad to hear this. Because I thought it sounded hilarious but have heard nothing but BAD about it! I just kept thinking “But it looked so good to ME!”

    And dang it all, now when I rent it I am going to say, at least me and Bobbie liked it! (If, you know, I do)

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