I can not even begin to tell you what a blessing today is. JEREMY’S CAR SOLD. I’m sure this isn’t very exciting to many of you but what kills me is that it sold for what he was asking! So now we can do fun stuff, like pay our bills, fix the breaks on the Hyundai, maybe get contacts and BUY GROCERIES. My heart is so full I don’t even mind working right now.

Other than the car life is great. Max is cracking me up recently. He has gotten used to me being home all day and it is funny to watch his sleeping habits during the day. He loves cuddling up with certain blankets and any pillow that might be laying around. OH I just realized we can afford to have him groomed now! WHAT A GREAT DAY!

Work is work. It has been very very busy recently. I am wondering if they will hire again soon because of it. Not that it really helps me if they do. Since I went international I am second to last on the seniority list. I have a shift bid coming up on the 18th, I wish I could say I was hopeful that I would get a better shift or better days off, but I doubt it.

Well I’m off to make some lunch. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Peace, Love, and HAPPINESS!



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