SNOW, rent, and other ramblings

It snowed so much today! I love it when I work from home, yet it makes me stress about Jeremy driving in it. It makes the ground so pretty and it makes me laugh to watch Max play in it (considering he is up to his neck).

I went to go pay our rent today, and found an eviction notice stuck to our door. We thought we had till the 5th and apparently that was incorrect. SO we got hit with a $50 late fee and a $10 notice charge. I paid it all šŸ˜„ but I have a number to call about disputing this $10 “notice charge”. It is just sad that we have never once paid late before, and just extended our lease till next Sept, that they feel the need to be so rude ( the girl was SERIOUSLY on one when I went in). Lesson learned now however.

Work has been SO busy today, and I’m working for a friend until almost 11pm tonight. Hopefully those 2.5 extra hours will cover the $60 lesson I learned today. šŸ˜¦

Jeremy cleaned his car today inside and out, then showed it to a girl who called on the ad he placed a few weeks ago. She liked it! He dented it the front fender the other day kicking off snow, so he dropped the price for her a little. We will know by this weekend if she wants to come and get it. It would be such a HUGE blessing if we are able to sell it. HUGE.

Well I’m off to enjoy my 10 min break. Max needs to go out so guess I’ll be spending those 10 min in the snow! šŸ˜€

Peace, Love, and Snowy Dogs.


2 thoughts on “SNOW, rent, and other ramblings

  1. I really hate when I have to learn things the hard way. But unfortunately I still seem to be learning that way. Is this how it’s going to be till I die? And then will I still have to learn the hard way in the next life? I think I will try to be perfect by tomorrow! Now that’s a good plan…any one with me?

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