A Christmas Gift

“Let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed”   -D&C 123:17

Art and Steph had Jeremy and I for Christmas this year in my family.  Steph must have asked me a million times what we wanted (a question I always dread).  I finally put a lot of thought into it and realized there is something we needed that we didn’t have.  It was simple, a subscription to the Ensign. (A LDS Church Mag.)

Today the first issue came in the mail…

Recently I have been struggling with two issues.  One is very personal for Jeremy and I, the other is the fact that I have to work on Sundays.  Watching Jeremy come home from Church this sunday alone was so very hard for me.  I have been down about it for a while but actually seeing him leave and come home while I was still working was painful.  I have missed the constant strength, and weekly recharge.  I have missed Relief Society, and sitting next to my husband in Sunday School sharing scriptures.   More importantly, I struggle with the feeling that I am no longer a whole part of the church, feeling that I am not having the spirit with me as much as I could be.

Back to the Gift…

I opened up the Ensign, scanning the pages and pictures.  Browsing through the magazine I came across an article that directly addressed the first struggle I’ve had recently.  The very next article was a short one, I almost missed it.  It was only one page, but it is a page I am going to cut out and tape to my shelf by my computer.  It is all about Keeping the Sabbath when you have to work on Sunday.  It gave me 7 wonderful tips.  I instantly felt the spirit, and can’t thank my brother and his sweet wife enough!  I needed this gift so much at this time in my life, and I thank you.

Peace, love, and more peace.


Oct 2003 cover


One thought on “A Christmas Gift

  1. I haven’t read my Ensigns in a WHILE. As in a few months are sitting still in plastic by our door. My mom said something last weekend that made me really want to start reading them regularly again. But I forgot.

    So just consider yourself my mom’s second witness!

    Anyway, I totally dig your title and didn’t know you had a blog… but now I DO so you’ll never escape! hee hee!

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