It’s Over

The holiday’s are officially over people. I just thought I’d let everyone know. Jeremy and I took down all the Christmas Decorations, and more importantly rent is due!

I ended up having to work my entire shift yesterday which was no fun since Jer had the day off work. It was nice to see him all day bustling around the house but I had hoped to actually be able to spend some time with him. He did get a lot of things picked up at home, I’m am always so grateful when he helps out at home.

Apparently no Temple today. I really wanted to feel that sweet spirit today. Katy called and couldn’t find anyone to watch Braxton so she had to cancel. I am really bummed. I know there will be other times but I was SO looking forward to going with her. I don’t leave the house often and the only person I ever see anymore is Jeremy. I LOVE working from home, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to get out every now and then. I was thinking about going to Utah county anyway and hanging out at mom and dad’s (aka, do laundry) but the breaks on the Hyundai are really bad and so we’ve parked it until we have a) sold jeremy’s car or b) can actually afford to fix it. I am really hoping that the young lady that is looking at his car on Thursday will buy it from him. I told him to have her make ANY offer and as long as it will pay it off, GIVE IT TO HER! He would really like to make a small profit on it. My thought is that once it is gone the $300 a month we pay for it in insurance and payments can go towards other things, exciting things, like food, and power! SO THAT IS A PROFIT. 🙂 We will see.

WE THINK we have solved the smell. But I’m still not sure. There was a small cup of cut broccoli that had fallen down on the bottom shelf of the fridge that we found yesterday. It smelled, yes, but it wasn’t the same smell we’ve been having a problem with so I’m just not sure.

Ok, well since I’m in a bit of a blue funk today I’m going to go crawl onto the cuddle bag and watch old movies, then pick up a part time shift.

Peace, Love, and Gone With the Wind.



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