Jeremy and I just got home from the CoolestFamilyEver’s home. We spent last year with them as well for the New Year. I really love spending time with them, and I have to say the new puppy is adorable. Since I do have to work tomorrow we left shortly after Midnight (it looked like they were ready to crash anyway… with all the wonderful food they had they must have been getting ready all day)

I do have to work in the morning, but Jeremy will be home all day! We have already made a game plan to get the apartment cleaned up. Even with a sore back, with his help it will be a lot easier. OH and the smell is still a mystery. I am wondering if it’s coming from the dishwasher, since I know everyone is at the edge of your seats about it. I’ve decided it’s that or possibly there was a mouse or something that has died in a wall? I did hear all the neighbors today so that takes care of the question about a death in a close apartment.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe new years, we hope to be able to spend more time with friends in the coming year, we miss you all!

Peace, love, and Sparkling Cider.



One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Bobbie, I am glad that i can finally leave you comments. I am glad you picked wordpress. Good luck finding out what that smell is!

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