Is My Neighbor Alive?

I ask this because there is a smell…. yes you heard me, a smell. It is in my Kitchen area. I thought possibly a peel from some fruit or maybe even a slice of bread fell beween the counter tops. BUT NO. I have cleaned and re-cleaned the Kitchen for the past week and the smell is just getting worse. I have gone through the fridge, freezer, under the oven, corners, nooks… and nothing. SO I am starting to wonder if something is dead. πŸ˜₯ It is getting worse people. I am hoping it’s just a piece of broccoli or something, but the smell is really starting to make me sick. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wern’t for the fact that I NEVER leave the house now that I’m working from home. My goal today, since Jeremy is working late for his brother again, is to SCRUB my apartment. Top to bottom. Even Max is getting a bath today. (shhh, don’t tell him) 😯

Life is going really well other than the odd smell. I work again at 6am tomrrow so we can make it to a close friends home for New Years Eve. I get to bid for a new shift in a few weeks and I’m really praying for Sundays off or at the LEAST a shif that I can get to church. 😦 I’ve really missed having that weekly calming/uplifting couple of hours.

I also want to advise you to have patience with me. I am getting the hang of wordpress and all the features. If the blog changes often for a while I am sorry. It’ll calm down eventually…I think. πŸ˜‰

Well I’m off to clean! Wish me luck.

Peace, Love and Scrubbing Bubbles.



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