We Have a Winner

WordPress is the winner! Honestly not a lot of people gave me feed back and so I’m going with the majority. 🙂 I’m sure no one really cares but me. It will take me a little while to get used to it, but the thought of only blogging in one place is exciting.

Yesterday while I was working there was a knock at the door. It was a pizza delivery guy. Seeing as how we are broke, I was wondering who ordered pizza. Jeremy was working for his brother so I gave him a call and he said he didn’t. The pizza guy said it was for the Mauss Family and already paid for. SO if whomever ordered us pizza (they wouldn’t give me a name) is reading this. Thank you so very much, something so small seriously made our night! We were running out of food and now we have leftovers to live off of for a few days. THANKS SO MUCH! I can’t believe how much it filled our hearts (and stomachs). I’d write you a thank you but you are hell bent on being all sly and stuff….

For the next few days I am working from 6am-2:30pm and can I tell you how nice it is to roll out of bed and crawl to the computer in my pj’s. Granted I had to take a nap after work. Poor Jeremy suffered last night because I couldn’t sleep, so I talked his ear off. I’m normally up a lot later than he is, but since I knew I’d be up so early I tried to sleep early. Tonight I think I’ll take a sleeping pill before I attempt it. I honestly love working early. It’s nice to have the entire evening off. My middle of the day shifts take a lot out of me. I feel like I don’t have any time in the day.

I hope you all like the new home. Keep the love coming!

Peace, Love, and blogs.


2 thoughts on “We Have a Winner

  1. Thank you there:) for the comment on my first ever venture in blogging. Yes, reading about all is haunting, and one can imagine the reality of the brutality inherent in all this.

    Your blog I can see is going wonderfully well. I am confident you wont regret it:)

    And also look up http://www.box.com. Found that out from wordpress. IGB free.

    Happy blogging

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