It’s Been A While

I didn’t blog last week. (duh right?) It was a week that I didn’t want to have out there for everyone to see and for me to be able to reread over and over again. Needless to say it was down right a horrible week. BUT life is working it’s way back to normal again. So here I am, blogging.

Christmas: It was very small for us this year. Thanks (A HUGE THANKS) to Jeremy’s family he was able to fly home Christmas Morning. I missed him more than I wanted to admit, and in the midst of such a horrible week it was REALLY bad timing to have him gone. I can’t tell you all how much I have told him I love him since he’s been gone. I’m sure he’ll get sick of it soon. I worked for a couple hours during the afternoon and then we spent the night and the following day at my parents with family. That was a lot of fun. Art and Steph got this huge train set for them and the boys and we played with that thing for HOURS!

Movies: I saw “The Holiday” three times last week. I went once by myself when I needed an escape from life. The following day my mom and I went to see it and then two days later Dad wanted to go too. I’ll be honest I REALLY like the movie. Even after seeing it that much. I laughed and cried all three times. Last night the entire family went to see “We Are Marshall”. It really was Beautiful. A wonderful tribute and well done if you ask me. People even clapped at the end. (doesn’t happen too often, unless you are sitting by my mom.) Granted it was only a slightly louder applause than the Harry Potter preview got, but still.

Dog: We didn’t get Lulu the little dog we were looking to adopt. The gave her to a family in SLC with children (hi, can you please rub salt into an open wound). So we are still looking. We might look into getting another Bishon Frise. NO not a puppy, but a rescue.

Peace, Love, and Comfort.

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